Fantasy · SciFi

Gideon the Ninth

Well, I think we could all agree that I knew I’d be reading this one. Tagged as lesbian necromancers in space, there was really no more I needed to know. And all the awards it’s been nominated for since then really only reinforced what I already knew. In fact, this was in the stack of… Continue reading Gideon the Ninth

SciFi · Speculative

The Book of M

I grabbed this one at a used book store last year. I’d seen it around a little bit and knew it was apocalypse-ish themed but that was about it. I know I generally love that genre though, so I figured I’d grab it for when I was in the mood later. I started it about… Continue reading The Book of M

Fantasy · Historical Fiction · Young Adult

The Ten Thousand Doors of January

So obviously the first thing that drew me to this book was the title. It’s awesome! Plus, I was born in January and it turns out that means I have a soft spot for that name/month (who knew?). But then the cover is also gorgeous and the description sounded great too. Ever since getting really… Continue reading The Ten Thousand Doors of January