Historical Fiction · Magical Realism

The Essex Serpent

I saw this book around a lot when it was first published and the topic, the possible existence of a mythical serpent in Essex, is definitely one that struck my fancy. Plus, the detail in the cover is lovely in its delicacy. Which is, in fact, what prompted me to buy it. I saw it… Continue reading The Essex Serpent

Historical Fiction

The Queen of the Night

I saw this book on a used book shelf years ago and was totally pulled towards the cover but, for some reason that I cannot remember, I didn’t buy it. Recently Alexander Chee’s name has been everywhere. And a wonderful book friend of my, Hunter (@shelfbyshelf), started a #bookstagram book club this year and this… Continue reading The Queen of the Night

Contemporary Literature · Historical Fiction

A Constellation of Vital Phenomena

This is a backlist book that has been on my TBR for years. And every once in awhile I see it pop up on bookstagram as an old/undersold favorite of some of my fellow readers. So, when I made my Beat the Backlist choices for this past year, I figured it was time to get… Continue reading A Constellation of Vital Phenomena