Review Request Policy

Would you like me to review a book you’ve written and/or are publicizing?
I would love to!

Hi, I’m Paige!

Here are a few details before you send your request:

I accept both physical and ebook (compatible with Kindle Paperwhite) copies from authors or publishers, though I do prefer to read physical books. 🙂

I will read a wide variety of genres, with preferences for contemporary, historical fiction, fantasy and sci-fi, both general and YA. I am also usually willing to read nonfiction (topic dependent) and short story or poetry collections.

I will not to read anything classified as traditional “romance.” I do not read religious pieces.

Each review I post will include:

  • a creative photo taken of the book
  • full and detailed review of characters, plot development, writing style and overall impressions
  • recognition of the author/publisher that provided the book
  • a disclaimer about the honesty of the review
  • cross posts and links on Goodreads, Twitter and Instagram (including tagging the author/publisher), and any other platforms upon request.
  • upon request, I can include any information about the author and publication date, interview questions/responses, guest posts, or anything else you’d like to try.

If you are looking to do a blog tour for a book, I have participated in those in the past and would be willing to do so again! Feel free to take a look at my previous Blog Tour posts here. All information requested to be included from the organizer are included in each one.

It usually takes me 2-4 weeks to read and post a review, dependent on my current reading backlog and number of recent requests.

I’m a thorough and honest, but generally positive, reviewer, partially because I do not accept review requests for books that do not look like they will interest me. I love working with authors and publishers to get word out about their new books and I cannot wait to hear from you!

Please email or fill out the contact form below to request a review (or with any questions). Please be sure to include the book title, your affiliation with the book, a description, and any timeline requirements.