Fantasy · Young Adult


Magic, King Arthur and a UNC-Chapel Hill setting? I’m not entirely sure that there’s a book more in line with my life and interests than that. Plus, every single review I’ve read has been glowing. So really there was never a chance I didn’t read this one. Expectations were high. And wow – it stood… Continue reading Legendborn

Fantasy · Young Adult

The Witch King

I'm getting marginally better at remembering where I get book recommendations from (go me!), so here I'd like to just shout out @trans_cending_literature for being the first person to put this book on my radar/TBR. I added a request for the library where I work to purchase it, but it wasn't happening fast enough for me because it… Continue reading The Witch King

Contemporary Literature · Young Adult

Darius the Great Is Not Okay

Funny story about how this one found its way onto my shelves. One of our major vices (if you will), nutritionally, is pop tarts. We eat a lot of them. If you are curious, my partner is a “brown sugar cinnamon” person. And I alternate between “chocolate chip cookie dough” and “unfrosted strawberry” (I know,… Continue reading Darius the Great Is Not Okay

Contemporary Literature · Fantasy · Graphic/Illustrated · Young Adult

The Magic Fish

While not prolifically popular, this one came highly recommended from the couple #bookstagram reviews I saw for it. Though, in typical fashion, I didn’t save the posts about it and now totally have no idea where the recs came from. So, I’m back to sending my thanks to the universe and hoping it finds its… Continue reading The Magic Fish

Historical Fiction · Young Adult

Between Shades of Gray

This is the book we voted on for March in my long-distance book club. Honestly, I have had it on my shelf for years, meaning to read it, so this is awesome. I originally was interested in it because I'd read that it was by an author of Lithuanian descent, writing about the Lithuanian experience under Russian and/or German (depending… Continue reading Between Shades of Gray