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Apparently, I decided to start this year's reading on an intense note. Not on purpose, but this is when my hold on this novel came through and honestly, I have heard only good things about it, so I was super ready to see for myself. It should be clear from the jacket blurb that this… Continue reading Nightcrawling

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Night of the Living Rez

This recent release is one that mostly made it onto my TBR list after being offered as an ALC from Once that got it on my radar, I did see a couple reviews for it pop up here and there, everything really positive, but it just seems like the proverbial publication splash it made… Continue reading Night of the Living Rez

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Top “Ten” Reads of 2022!

Here we go! Delayed as always, but at least in the first month of the year. My FAVORITE READS OF 2022 LIST is finalized. 'Twas a struggle this year, if I'm being honest. I have some *major* standouts, and then quite a few second tier favorites that all could have made this list. I believe,… Continue reading Top “Ten” Reads of 2022!

Contemporary Literature

How Not to Drown in a Glass of Water

I had checked this one out from the library on impulse (having enjoyed Cruz's first novel, Dominicana, and having seen a number of great reviews for this one). And literally while I had it checked out, the Aspen Words 2023 longlist got announced and this was on it! I haven't decided yet if I am planning to… Continue reading How Not to Drown in a Glass of Water

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A Touch of Darkness

This cold dark winter, heavy interact-with-other-people, Holiday time of year always makes me want to pick up this sort of book: a quick, fast, steamy, magical romance. This is around when I started the “Psy-Changeling” series last year, and I wanted something like that again (though potentially much less of a commitment than that 15-book… Continue reading A Touch of Darkness

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The Sex Lives of African Women

It was the title of this one that grabbed my attention. And if anyone tries to tell me that this title doesn't catch your eye...I don't believe you. Haha. That's really all I have to say as an intro here - I was intrigued enough to find it at the library very soon after it first came across my… Continue reading The Sex Lives of African Women