Romance · SciFi

Winter’s Orbit

Anything advertised as romance in space is likely to get an immediate add onto my "TBR" list. And this spectacular mix of my two favorite escapist genres was the perfect addition to my "vacay reads" packing stack. So, one binge-read experience later (because once I picked this one up, I absolutely was not able to put it back… Continue reading Winter’s Orbit


A Desolation Called Peace

The first book in the Teixcalaan series, A Memory Called Empire, made my favorites of the year list in 2020. It was such a phenomenally detailed space opera that totally swept me off into its world (but also really made me work for it, with the intensity of the world-building). That being said, I bought myself a… Continue reading A Desolation Called Peace


The Galaxy, and the Ground Within

Oh, my goodness. Honestly, and this is bold, I think Wayfarers might be my favorite series. I mean, I’m bias towards fantasy/sci-fi anyways, so that likely plays a role, but there is truly something so unique and profound and gorgeously recognizable in these characters and their stories. Each of these four novels – The Long… Continue reading The Galaxy, and the Ground Within