Graphic/Illustrated · SciFi

On a Sunbeam

Alright, I wish I had figured out a little sooner about graphic novels. In particular, this sub-genre of LGBTQ+/queer fantasy/sci-fi graphic novels. Because in the past few weeks I have read The Magic Fish and this and both have felt like a giant, cozy, warm hug and I am so very, very here for it!   On… Continue reading On a Sunbeam


The Galaxy, and the Ground Within

Oh, my goodness. Honestly, and this is bold, I think Wayfarers might be my favorite series. I mean, I’m bias towards fantasy/sci-fi anyways, so that likely plays a role, but there is truly something so unique and profound and gorgeously recognizable in these characters and their stories. Each of these four novels – The Long… Continue reading The Galaxy, and the Ground Within