ALC · Nonfiction

Four Hundred Souls

Well, this is just one of those big-name recent releases that I knew I needed to read. And then I actually read an interview with Kendi and Blain and the audiobook producer (does anyone else that works/spends time in a library read Book Page?) where they talked about matching the full cast of narrators to each… Continue reading Four Hundred Souls

ALC · Fantasy · Young Adult


There are SO many amazing-looking diverse YA fantasies coming out these days, so many new series are starting, and it's awesome! But also, I feel so behind in getting to them. I cannot keep up! And I'm also a little nervous about starting them all and then not following through on finishing. I have a weird… Continue reading Raybearer

ALC · Romance

The Boyfriend Project

First, thanks to for the ALC of this contemporary romance. (If you are into audiobooks, definitely check out their librarian/influencer program!) I was really in the need for something light and sexy (contemporary romances have become some of my favorite escapist literature over the past few years) and this was sounded like it would… Continue reading The Boyfriend Project