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Thanks to for the ALC of this book. It is one that I would definitely not have picked up as fast, if ever, without that push. And while there are quite a few ALCs I've gotten from them that remain unread (I'm just one person and there are so many great books and just too many things other than reading on… Continue reading Wahala

ALC · Contemporary Literature

Olga Dies Dreaming

Between the eye-catching cover (those colors!) and the ALC I got access to through, I picked up this new release really quickly! Not my normal MO, so cheers to me. Haha. And it was a lucky choice, because this was a page-turner of entertainment and big ideas from start to finish. Olga Dies Dreaming by… Continue reading Olga Dies Dreaming

ALC · Historical Fiction · Magical Realism · Mystery/Thriller

When Two Feathers Fell from the Sky

Choosing to read this one was a unique process for me. I had never heard of it, not seen any reviews of it, but had the option to get an ALC from a few months ago. The title caught my attention, so I decided to go for it. And for the first time in… Continue reading When Two Feathers Fell from the Sky

ALC · Romance

The Boyfriend Project

First, thanks to for the ALC of this contemporary romance. (If you are into audiobooks, definitely check out their librarian/influencer program!) I was really in the need for something light and sexy (contemporary romances have become some of my favorite escapist literature over the past few years) and this was sounded like it would… Continue reading The Boyfriend Project