Braiding Sweetgrass

I'm not traditionally into nature writing (The New Wilderness and Where the Crawdads Sing were good, but like, not something I would search out really). But this one has had a waitlist at the library literally since I started here over a year ago. That's the kind of thing that really catches one's attention, especially… Continue reading Braiding Sweetgrass

Graphic/Illustrated · Nonfiction

The Way She Feels

Well, this is a prime example of the "the cover got me." It was on the new nonfiction display at the library and the colors and cereal bowl situation all conspired to make me pick it up and flip through it. Seeing the colorful illustrations throughout, and the topic (I am not sure I've read… Continue reading The Way She Feels


The Heartbeat of Wounded Knee

This is one of those like, "real nonfiction" books that until not that long ago would have really intimidated me. But I am getting more and more into nonfiction and have also figured out the use of audiobooks, with the physical book on hand as reference, that really works for me as far as moving through them.… Continue reading The Heartbeat of Wounded Knee