Beyond Trans: Does Gender Matter?

This book came across by radar through a single review post on IG, from @basiclandcave, back in April 2021. I have never seen it mentioned or referenced anywhere else. But it conceptually stuck with me, after reading their review, so when I saw it in the used section at a local bookstore a few weeks ago, I grabbed… Continue reading Beyond Trans: Does Gender Matter?

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The Sex Lives of African Women

It was the title of this one that grabbed my attention. And if anyone tries to tell me that this title doesn't catch your eye...I don't believe you. Haha. That's really all I have to say as an intro here - I was intrigued enough to find it at the library very soon after it first came across my… Continue reading The Sex Lives of African Women

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War and Me (+ Giveaway)

Until about two months ago, neither Faleeha Hassan nor this book were anywhere on my radar. But a representative of the publisher (Amazon Crossing) reached out and asked if I was interested in receiving a copy in exchange for participating in a Blog Tour. I've gotten pretty picky about which of these requests I say yes… Continue reading War and Me (+ Giveaway)

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What My Bones Know

First off, this cover is damn gorgeous. Stunning. Second, though this hasn't *yet* taken the world by storm, it should...because it has gotten such comprehensively stellar reviews and after reading it myself, I find I can only add to that praise. Whether it actually is groundbreaking (which it does seem to be, based on the dearth of… Continue reading What My Bones Know

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The Spy and the Traitor

Friends, you may notice that this book is incredibly unlike anything I've read before. I mean I did read that spy novel that was one of Obama's fav's one year, American Spy, but mostly because Obama recommended it. (And really I don't see that many spy novels by Black women from major I was all about supporting that).… Continue reading The Spy and the Traitor

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Hidden Figures

I've been meaning to pick this book up for awhile. And my recent read of The Tenth Muse got me all inspired to read more about female mathematicians, so it seemed like the time to finally read this piece of nonfiction on that exact topic. Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly “That even Katherine Johnson’s remarkable achievements can’t quite… Continue reading Hidden Figures