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There is something about the title of this book that felt aggressive in a way that made me not want to read it, despite the fact that it was compared to Samantha Irby (whose essay collections we are never meeting in real life and wow, no thank you I love) and seemed topically to be spot on… Continue reading Greedy

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Men We Reaped

I read my first book by Ward, her novel Sing, Unburied, Sing, a few years ago. It was an affecting reading experience, emotional and expressive, lyrical and illuminative. But the story style, the slow-moving family saga and ghost story mix, is one that I have to be in the right mind-space for, because it can easily cause me… Continue reading Men We Reaped

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When Stars Are Scattered

I saw this one reviewed by @andreabeatrizarango on bookstagram a few months ago (maybe a year ago? - my conceptual handle on time passing right now is questionable at best). She spoke so highly of it, so I added it to my TBR for the next time I was in the mood for a quick read… Continue reading When Stars Are Scattered

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The Natural Mother of the Child

I, like so many people in the book world, was sucked into the Barnes and Noble 50% off hardbacks sale at the beginning of this year. It was basically irresistible. And this memoir was one of the selections I made. I haven't really seen it around much, but with a background in childbirth and breastfeeding education… Continue reading The Natural Mother of the Child


How the Word Is Passed

In this work of nonfiction, Smith presents a contemporary exploration of the history of slavery in America and the way it's inextricably intertwined with the formation not just of this country, but on an international historical scale as well. Combining investigative journalism, interviews/conversations, and personal stories/reflections, Smith guides the reader through the way this history… Continue reading How the Word Is Passed