A Princess in Theory

The other day I watched What A Girl Wants, twice in a row (I will not apologize for this guilty pleasure). And then The Princess Diaries. So, naturally, I was in a royal sort of mood. And this romance, which has been on my TBR pile for a while, waiting for its time, felt like… Continue reading A Princess in Theory


The Worst Best Man

I have been working through the Aspen Words 2021 longlist over the past 2 months and, while I’ve been loving the books, they are all (by definition due to the prize’s goal in recognizing authors/fiction about key social issues) a bit heavy and intense. So, I needed something a little lighter mixed in. Cue the… Continue reading The Worst Best Man

Contemporary Literature · Romance

Something to Talk About

I was looking for a lighter, fun contemporary romance type thing. I feel like I have been reading less/slower over the last few weeks, work has been so busy (like, SO busy) and it's getting colder (which never is great for my mental state) and just really, I needed a literary pick-me-up. This f/f romance… Continue reading Something to Talk About