Contemporary Literature · Young Adult

Queens of Geek

This book was not super high on my TBR (though it was on it – because the cover is incredibly eye-catching and got me to read the synopsis) until I read about how legit Wilde is with writing representative characters. I mean, I am also a giant nerd and I love the focus on how… Continue reading Queens of Geek

Contemporary Literature · Young Adult

Radio Silence

This is a bit of a lesser known title, which it a bit out of the ordinary for me of late. I’ve really been more on the “popular new books” train, but everything needs a little shake-up once in awhile. Also, I saw someone on bookstagram mention that this was life-changing for them, though unfortunately… Continue reading Radio Silence

Feminist · Magical Realism · Short Stories

Her Body and Other Parties

I’m not always a short story person. I don’t read a lot of them, so when I do decide to pick up a book like this, you know there’s a good reason. In this case, a collection of stories billed as genre-defying representations of the female experience. Honestly, that’s an almost impossible description for me… Continue reading Her Body and Other Parties