The Worst Best Man

I have been working through the Aspen Words 2021 longlist over the past 2 months and, while I’ve been loving the books, they are all (by definition due to the prize’s goal in recognizing authors/fiction about key social issues) a bit heavy and intense. So, I needed something a little lighter mixed in. Cue the… Continue reading The Worst Best Man

Contemporary Literature · Historical Fiction

The Vanishing Half

I read The Mothers a few years ago and generally enjoyed and was impressed by the debut. Bennett did a wonderful job writing real, flawed, “regular people” characters in a genuine and interesting way. So, I definitely knew that I’d look into whatever she wrote next. And then The Vanishing Half came out this past… Continue reading The Vanishing Half

Contemporary Literature · Short Stories

The Secret Lives of Church Ladies

I’ve seen literally nothing but rave reviews for this collection. Some major bookstagrammers who always have the inside track on great new releases, as well as some smaller ones whose recommendations I’ve come to just really trust will line up with my own appreciations. So naturally I added myself to the library waitlist for this… Continue reading The Secret Lives of Church Ladies