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Anger Is a Gift

I don’t have a big or exciting intro about this one – it’s been on my TBR since I first read about its publication last year. The combination of it being available at the library as an audiobook just when I was looking for my next listen meant the time was right. Also, this ended… Continue reading Anger Is a Gift

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I read Emezi’s debut novel, Freshwater, last year and was completely enthralled. It was unique and fascinating and like nothing I had ever read before. So I was pretty sure this was a novel I was going to read eventually no matter what the circumstances, but it moved up my TBR pretty quickly after it… Continue reading Pet

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Just One More Pa(i)ge Reading Challenge 2019

Just One More Pa(i)ge Reading Challenge 2019 I have seen about 30 book challenges for the new year so far. A lot of them look really good (like The Reading Women Challenge). And I know I *should* participate in a couple of them (like Beat the Backlist, for example, which I did at least partially… Continue reading Just One More Pa(i)ge Reading Challenge 2019