Contemporary Literature · Short Stories

Milk Blood Heat

I’ve had great luck with short story collections this year, having read and loved The Secret Lives of Church Ladies and The Office of Historical Corrections. And actually, looking at those, let me be even more specific and say that short story collections by Black women authors have rocked my 2021 so far. So really,… Continue reading Milk Blood Heat

Contemporary Literature · Young Adult

Sasha Masha

I hadn't heard of this book at all until it was one of the ALC options from a month or so ago. And just this week I was looking for something nice and short to listen to and this fit what I was looking for exactly right.  Sasha Masha by Agnes Borinsky "'I think… Continue reading Sasha Masha

Contemporary Literature · Historical Fiction · Magical Realism

The Thirty Names of Night

I read Joukhadar's first novel, The Map of Salt and Stars, a few years ago and LOVED IT. It made my Top Ten Reads of 2019 list, actually. So, I was freaking PSYCHED to see his second novel get published. And, this cover is gorgeous. That's about all I have to say about this "I knew… Continue reading The Thirty Names of Night

Contemporary Literature · Short Stories

The Office of Historical Corrections

My 10th Aspen Words Literary Prize 2021 longlist read! I’m two thirds of the way there – maybe I will actually make it! Anyways, this one was amaze-balls. As per usual, here's a quick note with reactions for each story, and the closing novella of course, with some final thoughts to wrap it up. The… Continue reading The Office of Historical Corrections