Contemporary Literature · Young Adult

I’ll Give You the Sun

I’ve had this book on my TBR for some time, and had heard nothing but great reviews of it. Then, about two weeks after I found it at used bookstore (and decided to grab it), it was chosen as the June book for my long distance book club. Sometimes, timing is everything. I'll Give You… Continue reading I’ll Give You the Sun

ARC · Historical Fiction

Confessions of the Fox

The first time I saw this available on NetGalley, I clicked right past it. The blurb sounded intriguing (I do love stories about the “underbelly” of society) but I try to only request from NetGalley when something truly strikes me, so that my TBR there doesn’t get too backed up. However, right after that, I… Continue reading Confessions of the Fox

Contemporary Literature · Romance

When Katie Met Cassidy

I have seen lots of people talking about this recent release and it seemed like a lovely summer romance (which I’ve been really into lately). And bonus, this is a popular, big publisher summer romance with REPRESENTATION (sexually, anyways). That’s right, this is a f/f romance novel. Published right in line with Pride Month. Lovely.… Continue reading When Katie Met Cassidy