Feminist · Nonfiction

She Said

I've had this book on a low-setting back burner, as far as being aware of it and interested in reading it, but I definitely wasn't rushing. Then this past fall, while visiting my friend in Boston, I stopped in the Harvard bookstore (among others, because...bookstores) and this one was on a "special sale" rack. So,… Continue reading She Said

ALC · Magical Realism

The Last Tale of the Flower Bride

An adult fiction fairy tale from a beloved YA author, described as "a sumptuous, gothic-infused story about a marriage that is unraveled by dark secrets, a friendship cursed to end in tragedy, and the danger of believing in fairy tales." Yes, please. And bonus, I had access to the audiobook thanks to Libro.fm, which had a full… Continue reading The Last Tale of the Flower Bride