Contemporary Literature

Hell of a Book

After a bit of a break reading other stuff, I'm back with a review for my 8th Aspen Words Literary Prize 2022 Longlist read. This one also happened to have won this year's National Book Award, so I was heading into it prepared for some intense literary fiction and some high expectations. Plus, it was set… Continue reading Hell of a Book

Feminist · Memoir/Biography/Autobiography · Nonfiction


There is something about the title of this book that felt aggressive in a way that made me not want to read it, despite the fact that it was compared to Samantha Irby (whose essay collections we are never meeting in real life and wow, no thank you I love) and seemed topically to be spot on… Continue reading Greedy

Contemporary Literature

What Storm, What Thunder

This is the sixth book in my slow-but-steady read-through of the 2022 Aspen Words longlist. They just announced the shortlist, actually, and, while I still plan to finish the read-through, I have to say that my totally random reading order choices were quite on point, because of the 6 I have now read (this one included), 4… Continue reading What Storm, What Thunder

Memoir/Biography/Autobiography · Nonfiction

The Natural Mother of the Child

I, like so many people in the book world, was sucked into the Barnes and Noble 50% off hardbacks sale at the beginning of this year. It was basically irresistible. And this memoir was one of the selections I made. I haven't really seen it around much, but with a background in childbirth and breastfeeding education… Continue reading The Natural Mother of the Child