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My Book Blogging Journey: Year Four

Four years. Four! This is my fourth year of sharing my book reviews. And I still love it. Though I’ve also learned quite a bit as well, like, despite the fact that reviews get less interaction and interest than anything other posts, I still am here for that. I’ll post a couple challenges and my favorites of the year list, but at the end of the day, I’m here to share reflections on the books I’ve read. So to everyone that’s here reading still – awesome! And thanks! Finally, if you are interested in looking back at my previous years’ stats, here they are: 2017, 2018, 2019. Otherwise, enjoy taking this journey back through my 2020 reads with me.

As always, a few notes (for consistency). These stats are based on the books I blogged reviews for this year, and not my entire “read” list. What that means is that I have read more (that I rated/reviewed on Goodreads) than I have posted about here on the blog. Usually I am a couple “read” books ahead of where I am for review posts, to give my self a bit of a cushion. Also, I’ll admit there were some books I read that just didn’t get review posts here…in the case of this year, they were mostly books that I really didn’t enjoy. Last, any series that I reviewed together in one post were counted jointly.

Some quick blog stats to get things started:

Followers: 709 (About 80 more than this time last year.)

Posts: 101 (Pretty in line with the last few years.)

Views: 6,200 (Way up from last year, which is awesome. But very skewed – the summer was super slow.)

Most Viewed 2019 Review: The Girl with the Louding Voice

And now, the geeky part – all the pie charts! A breakdown of the books I posted about over this past year…by author race/ethnicity, author gender and sexuality, genre, method read and more! (Keep in mind, this is based on public information about the books/authors.)

This one is really in line with last year, which I’m happy with. Just under a third of the books were by white authors, about a quarter by Black authors, and the rest split out. This is an overall look out that I’d like to keep consistent moving forwards.

Consistent with past years, I read many more books by women than men. And I feel very good about that. Moving into next year, I’d love to increase the number of books I read by trans/non-binary authors though. It’s steady from last year, but could be much better.

Oh I’m happy with this one. I read 10% more books by LGBTQ+ authors this year and I’m hoping to hold that into next year!

This one is always just fun to look at and see what my feels were year-to-year, since I am a hella mood reader. Less YA and romance this year. A bit more nonfiction and contemporary lit. SFF stays a solid leader. But overall, honestly not too different from last year.

Almost an even split between audiobooks and physical books. This is a pretty major change and the highest percent of audiobooks I’ve ever read.

About 10% more library books this year than last year. Now, I did start working at the library this year, so perhaps that played a role. Haha. But also, this means I should maybe work harder on getting to my “owned” TBR shelf…

This is a new chart for this year. I was just curious to see…it’s not really that different than I would have expected. I’m not sure I’ll track this again, since my reading patterns (backlist heavy at the beginning of the year and newer releases as we get towards the end of the year) are unlikely to change much year to year. But it’s cool to see it visually once.

Well, that’s it! Last year I posted a chart for book with “other rep,” like LGBTQ, size, disability, mental health, religion, immigration, and own voices, to name a few. And similar to the publication year chart, this year’s looks very similar, so I am thinking it’s not worth continuing to keep track of – I got what I needed from it. And I’ll continue to make diverse reading choices a priority, I know that.

Overall, as always, this was fun for me to make and look at. I am proud of my 2020 reading and have a few passive goals for 2021 that this has helped me formulate. Thanks for joining me for my reflections and here’s to more amazing, diverse reads in 2021!

9 thoughts on “My Book Blogging Journey: Year Four

  1. This was so fun and interesting to read. I love the diversity, but I’ve never thought about the author’s gender/race/etc. when picking out my books. I read books mostly out of the same few genres, but now I feel like I should branch out occasionally!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It’s been a great experience over the past four years to intentionally read more diverse authors – and I know for sure that I’ve found some new favorites. I definitely recommend it!


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