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My Book Blogging Journey: Year Three

Well, here goes: my third year of blogging in stats. (If you’re interested, you can check out my 2018 and 2017 stats too.) I love making these pie charts – it’s so satisfying to see what the year looks like in numbers, all the individual books I’ve read coming together into a greater overall picture. Plus, I can see if I reached any of the reading goals I made last year…mostly related to making sure to maintain/increase diversity.


Before we start: the same as last year, so that I can be consistent, I’m tracking based on the books I blogged reviews for this year, and not my entire “read” list. What that means is that I have read more (that I rated/reviewed on Goodreads) than I have posted about here on the blog. Usually I am a couple “read” books ahead of where I am for review posts, to give my self a bit of a cushion. Also, I’ll admit there were some books I read that just didn’t get review posts here…ah well, such is life. Last, any series that I reviewed together in one post were counted jointly.

And some quick blog stats to set the mood:

Followers: 624 (Up about 100 from last year!)

Posts: 96 (Down a few from last year, but not bad.)

Comments: 513 (Down about 300 – meh.)

Likes: 1,949 (This is also down, by about 400, but I think I had less interaction on my end with other blogs, so that’s ok and partly on me.)

Views: 5,400 (About 1500 down, but still more than year one, by a lot!)

Most Viewed 2018 Reviews: The Priory of the Orange Tree, The Hate U Give, Queens of Geek

And now, the best part! A breakdown of the books I posted about over this past year…by author race/ethnicity, author gender and sexuality, genre, method read and more! (Keep in mind, this is based on public information about the books/authors, so give my categories/selections, etc. the benefit of the doubt.)


Really, really happy with this one! My first year, 60% of my “read” authors were white (US), then last year I got that down to 44%. This year, I’m down to 22%. On the up-side of this, my “read” authors of color went up from about 50% to 65%! I’m extremely happy with how purposeful my reading choices were this year, to help me get to this point. And I’m definitely hoping to keep close to these percentages in 2020.



I’ve always read more books by female authors than male, I just gravitated that way. But this is the highest percentage I’ve ever gotten. Year one, I was at about 70% women, then last year was 80%. Up to 87% this year and, same as above, I’m happy with that slant – hoping to keep this somewhere around the same point going into next year.





There wasn’t quite as much change here from last year as with the previous two categories. However, I read 6% more LGBTQ+ authors this year than last year. So, progress is in the right direction…even though it’s small, I’ll take it!





This one is always enjoyable. As a mood reader, this could really play out in any way, and I just like seeing it. Contemporary Lit is still the largest category (smaller than last year, though I gave Romance its own category this year, which probably explains that). Fantasy and YA remain right after. Historical Fiction and Nonfiction both went up this year, which is interesting to see. Anyways, overall, a nice mix.





Slightly higher percentage of backlist reads this year than last year, which hopefully means I’m working on some of the unread books in my personal library. Though I keep buying more soooooo…I’m not sure that made a difference really. Haha. #booknerdproblems






MUCH greater percentage of audiobooks this year (up 16%). I did expect that though, as I really started to get into them only last year. Also, I’m driving a lot more for work this year, which means more time in the car to listen…






Wow – my library numbers are up a lot this year, about 10%. All of my audiobooks were from the library though, so that may be why. Also, a pretty big drop in e-books (by half), which I primarily use for ARCs, which means I should probably step up my game regarding getting to those.




This is a new category this year. I decided I wanted to track how much effort I put into choosing books that represented a wide variety of perspectives, not just race/ethnicity and gender/sexuality. To that end, I noted which books I read had some type of additional representation in characters. Many of the “rep” categories I considered are listed in the graphic, but I’m happy to see that over half of the books I read showed diversity in topics and/or character traits.


Well, there we go! That was fun for me to make and look at. I’m excited about my 2019 and looking forward to an equally diverse and satisfying 2020. Thanks for joining me for my reflections.

What are some of your reflections from last year’s reading and/or goals for the upcoming year?

11 thoughts on “My Book Blogging Journey: Year Three

  1. Congrats on three years! Mine is coming up in July! Thanks for sharing your detailed stats! I love reading posts like these! It inspirational and motivational to know what others are working towards!

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    1. Honestly I have loved it! It’s been great to see the overviews from year to year and it’s really helped me concentrate on area of diversity that I’ve not been meeting personal goals for (or celebrate ones I’ve met). I’ve also learned how to make tracking more efficient over the course of the year, haha, so I am not counting all these things at the end of the year…the first year I did that and it was overwhelming. But bottom line though, I really like to see all this data.

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