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Reading Women Challenge 2020

First of all, Happy New Year’s Eve! New Year’s is my favorite holiday for many reasons, but the feeling of starting fresh is definitely high on the list. I’m really excited for that this year, as 2019 was a tough one for us. Onwards and, hopefully, upwards – amirite?!

Anyways, last year I created my own diverse reading monthly challenge, the Just One More Pa(i)ge Reading Challenge 2019, with a prompt for each month. And it was a really cool experience to create it and keep up with it. Plus, I loved seeing what other followers read on any given month. Unfortunately, I just didn’t have time to put something together for 2020. It happens.

However, I did want a little structure to my reading this year. Something flexible, something diverse. The Reading Women Challenge (IG handle: @thereadingwomen) fits the bill perfectly. It’s 24 prompts over the course of the year – read them whenever and however works for you. I’m going to go for it!

Reading Women Challenge 2020


Here’s a list of the prompts:

  1. Author from Caribbean or India
  2. Translated from an Asian Language
  3. About the Environment
  4. Picture Book by a BIPOC Author
  5. Stella or Women’s Prize Winner
  6. Nonfiction by a Woman Historian
  7. Afrofuturism or Africanfuturism
  8. An Anthology by Multiple Authors
  9. Inspired by Folklore
  10. About a Woman Artist
  11. Read and Watch a Book-to-Movie Adaptation
  12. About a Woman Who Inspires You
  13. By an Arab Woman
  14. Set in Japan/by a Japanese Author
  15. A Biography
  16. Featuring a Woman with a Disability
  17. Over 500 pages
  18. Under 100 pages
  19. Frequently Recommended to You
  20. A Feel-Good/Happy Book
  21. A Book about Food
  22. By a Favorite or New-to-You Publisher
  23. By an LGBTQ+ Author
  24. From the 2019 Reading Women Award Shortlists


If you have any suggestions for any of the prompts, please leave them in a comment. I’m working on making a plan now and would love any recommendations you have!

38 thoughts on “Reading Women Challenge 2020

    1. Haha I know the feeling. I am hoping that the flexible nature of it will help….and a big push at the beginning and end of the year will help with the fact that I’ll likely forget about it a little mid-year. Lol


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