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Just One More Pa(i)ge Reading Challenge 2019


Just One More Pa(i)ge Reading Challenge 2019

I have seen about 30 book challenges for the new year so far. A lot of them look really good (like The Reading Women Challenge). And I know I *should* participate in a couple of them (like Beat the Backlist, for example, which I did at least partially participate in this last year, with reasonable success – full report out on that coming soon). But to be honest, I’m looking for something in particular that I couldn’t quite find. I want to work on continuing to read diversely, and would like some structure with that. Specifically, I want to make sure that the authors that I’m reading are diverse, and not just the topics I’m reading about, so I can intentionally support their work (with enough flexibility that I can maintain my mood reading feels while remaining diverse in my choices) . Also, I want the time constraints to be specific (more than just “by the end of the year”), but not restrictive. To that end, monthly parameters seemed like a good compromise.

At this point, I enlisted my husband. He has phenomenal skills with seemingly aimless internet searching. I had a few ideas to start, but needed help refining my plan. So we spent at least an hour googling different celebrations and recognitions for each month. I chose one theme per month, with as wide-ranging and inclusive a selection as possible. For any where the author’s background is not specified, that month’s book should be one that falls within that theme and is written by a female/POC/other minority writer, as the goal, as mentioned, is diversity.

Without futher ado, here is the outline for the (hopefully) inaugural Just One More Pa(i)ge Reading Challenge:   

January: Mental Wellness Month – read a book addressing mental health issues or by someone with a mental health illness

February: Black History Month – read a book by an African-American author

March: Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month – read a book by or about someone differently-abled

April: National Poetry Month – read a book of poetry

May: Asian Pacific Heritage Month – read a book by an Asian Pacific author

June: Pride Month – read a book by a writer who is LGBTQ+

July: 4th of July Political Woke-ness in the US – read a book that would fall under the #resist category (a stretch, perhaps, but I feel good about it)

August: Women in Translation – read a book by a woman that has been translated from its original language

September: Constitution and Citizenship Day (Sept 17) – read a book by an immigrant/refugee

October: Bullying Prevention Month – read a book centered around friends/close relationships

November: Nonfiction November – read a nonfiction book (bonus point: if the book is by an American Indian author, as it’s also American Indian Heritage Month)

December: End of Year Happy Days – read a rom-com or other positive feels book (to end the year on a positive note…also, we have fun “naming” this month)

What do you think? I’m really pretty excited about this and I hope it goes as well as I’m imagining! Also, I’d LOVE for any/all of you to join me. Do you think you might? Even if you were to join for just a month or two…which month(s) would it be? And, do you have any suggestions for what books to read for any of these themes? I can’t wait to hear from you all!

43 thoughts on “Just One More Pa(i)ge Reading Challenge 2019

      1. Yeah .. Jan definitely because I’ve just started reading this book from
        Netgalley on mental health and will be able to finish it by Jan – what a coincidence eh? Hehe and then, April- poetry because I had decided I wanted to continue reading at least one book on poetry each year, May- for the Asian heritage month because I’m Asian too haha( I hope I got the order right) and Dec , well because who doesn’t like a good romance?😉

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      2. Oh sweet! I’m so excited about this! What’s the book from NetGalley – if you’re liking it, I want to keep it on my radar! And oh – any poetry book you recommend? I’ve only read like 2-3 ever and that’s why I wanted to get more into it!

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      3. The netgalley one is called Jog on: how running saved my life by Bella Mackie. So here’s the thing, I had picked up this book because I thought it would be predominantly about running, but I’m 40% into the book and so far the author has been talking about her struggles with anxiety and depression along with a lot of interesting and scary statistics about mental health problems. So far it is interesting and and she writes in a humorous tone. I’ll have to read a bit more to make up my mind about the book😊

        Oh gosh poetry is another tough one for me too since I read my first book last year as part of a reading challenge itself! Haha .. I had read Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur and wasn’t too impressed. Some of her poems were good but some felt too short. I don’t know.. I’ve put down the Goodreads winner for 2018 – The witch doesn’t burn in this one by Amanda Lovelace as my poetry book for this year, so will try that out😊
        Let me know if you hear any other and better recommendations too for both these categories😊

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  1. Hi Paige! I’m not sure if you were planning on using this thread for us to discuss our reads, but here goes my two pence 🙂 I just finished reading Jog On: How Running saved my life by Bella Mackie, and enjoyed the book. In this the author talks about her personal experiences with mental illness such as anxiety, panic attacks and depression and how she got into long distance running and how it helped her, along with other things. I’d recommend this book, and you can read a longer review on my blog here:

    Which book did you pick up for Jan? 🙂

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    1. Hey – I actually hadn’t thought that far ahead yet, haha. So here is as good a place as any, at least for now! I just read your review and it sounded like an, overall, good reading experience for this month. I’m so happy about that! I personally haven’t decided yet (eeeek) but I think I might try My Year of Rest and Relaxation – it’s fiction, but it’s gotten such strong reactions from readers and I want to see what it’s all about. I’m trying to keep track of everyone who has participated so that I can tag all your reads when I post my review at the end of the month. So keep an eye out for that!

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      1. Oh wow that’s awesome- the bit about tagging our posts later. Although it’ll be hard work for you😊 thanks for doing this. I’ll be looking forward to your thoughts on my year of rest and relaxation 👍

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  2. Hey Paige, how’re you doing? I just finished reading the April choice for celebrating National Poetry month – The witch doesn’t burn in this one by Amanda Lovelace. I wrote a short review on my blog here and have linked your blog there too.
    My choice for the book of poem was one based on opportunity more than desire, since I had received this book from a friend 🙂 What are you reading for the book of poems?

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    1. Hey Prachi! Thanks for checking back in. I am so glad that you have continued to participate. This month is a weird one for me, since I don’t normally read poetry. It’s also part of the reason that I really wanted to have this theme, to get me out of my comfort zone! I have heard good things about that particular collection. I can’t wait to check out your review!

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    1. Yes – it’s been really helping me make sure that I read diversely. I usually tend to be pretty good about it, but it’s helping keep me on track for sure! I’m not sure about next year, but if there’s interest, I definitely can. Would you want it to be the same prompts, or for me to come up with some new/different ones?


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