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My Book Blogging Journey: Year One

I saw a couple bloggers do something like this at the end of last year and, though I’m spectacularly late (it took me awhile to get all the numbers together…plus some procrastinating), I’d like to jump in on the game too!

This photo has really nothing to do with this post…but I hated the idea of making the post without a photo. So enjoy this: one of my favorite dedications of all time (from Hunted, by Meagan Spooner).

A few notes before we start. I actually started this blog at the end of February, so really it’s “just a little less than a year of blogging stats” for my first year, but close enough. Also, I’m tracking based on the books I blogged reviews for this year, and not my entire “read” list (I have read more, that I rated/reviewed on Goodreads, than I have posted about here on the blog. Some of my review posts were for books I read prior to 2017. Any series that I reviewed together in one post were counted jointly).

Long story short, here’s what my 2017 in book blog looks like:

Followers: 250

Posts: 84

Comments: 191

Likes: 380

Views: 1865

Visitors: 884

Most Viewed Reviews: Reincarnation Blues, All the Ugly and Wonderful Things, Bad Feminist

And, here’s the really interesting part! A breakdown of the books I posted about over this past year…by author race/ethnicity, author gender and sexuality, and by genre. (Keep in mind, this is based on public information about the books/authors, so give my categories/selections, etc. the benefit of the doubt.) Honestly, I really wanted to see what the it looked like because I’ve never taken the time to do this before. So without pre-planned goals/efforts/challenges, this is what my year looked like.

Breakdown by genre:



Breakdown by race/ethnicity of the author:



Breakdown by gender and sexuality of the author:


So, now that I’ve seen what my last year looked like (and I can see where I have some holes in my reading diversity), I can make an effort through the rest of this year to address that. I’ve already started on that, a little, but if you have any recommendations for books/authors that could help me do so, please share!




24 thoughts on “My Book Blogging Journey: Year One

      1. Haha yes! There may be a faster way to do it, but if so, I don’t know it. To be honest though, it wasn’t terrible since I had read all the books in the past year and remembered a lot about them/the authors. There were just some specifics that I had to look up in a few cases…

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  1. Congratulations! I started my blog in December 2017 so that will be perfect because I can post something like this at the actual end of the year!💕

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    1. Yes! I started at the end of February so it was a little off from an actual year, but thankfully close enough. And now for year two I can do a full on, normal, Jan-Dec year – so that’s awesome. Can’t wait to see yours at the end of this year too!

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    1. I actually made them in a word doc! You can insert all kinds of awesome charts there actually – then you just edit it to have the numbers/titles you want. I normally just copy and paste out of Word, but WordPress was not having that, so to transfer them I ended up having to take a screenshot and then upload those photos. I was a little worried, but the quality turned out ok I think! There’s probably a faster way, haha, but that’s how I ended up doing it…

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    1. Thank you!! Making them was actually pretty easy (I did it in Word), but transferring them over the WordPress was actually harder. Haha. I’m sure I missed something easy, but that’s ok. I’m glad it turned out well!

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